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Renovations of the upper structure and tasks that require painting or indoor environment work are done at our shipyard. Our re-fit operations team begins by planning out timing and budgets.


Refit / Maintenance Repair

Performing the job list for the appraisal team prepares a yacht’s re-fit operations, budget, and time scheduling which we offer in conjunction with approval.

We plan to always aim high to complete every project on time to a client’s full satisfaction.


Refit Services

  • Inspection if requested is done by certified marine surveyor.

  • Correction and maintenance on Paint

  • Paint change or renewal

  • Polishing

  • Cold mold / GRP Composite and Steel / Aluminum Hull and Superstructure is repaired, modified or re-modeled.

  • Stainless steel product maintenance –modifications and renewal

  • Interior maintenance –cleaning and repair

  • Furniture maintenance –restoration and internal renewal

  • Heating-cooling system –installation, maintenance, and repair

  • All engine room and technical equipment –maintenance, repair, and renovation of rooms

  • Bilges – cleaned and painted

  • Repairs or maintenance to main engines, generators, gear box and corrections to shafts, propellers.

  • Modification of the superstructure and bed to give a new look

  • Preparation of the yacht periodic classification procedures (does not apply to all yachts)

  • Fire and safety equipment –maintenance, replacement

  • Electrical and electronic maintenance and repair

  • Noise –vibration control and reporting

  • Sound and heat insulation –improvement, renovation

  • Application of exhaust emission measurement model to reduce emission

  • Collection methods permitted by the Ministry of Environment of liquids from containers, disposal